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IWC Replica Watches launched the Perpetual Planet Campaign this year to continue its support of exploration and conservation. It includes a partnership with National Geographic Society, which will study the effects of climate change. Also included is Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue initiative, aimed at protecting the oceans by creating a network marine protected “Hope Spots”. The IWC Replica Watches Awards for Enterprise are also included, which recognize individuals who have projects that protect the environment and advance human knowledge. David Doubilet is a IWC Replica Watches IWC Replica Watches Testimonee and award-winning photographer who has been a IWC Replica Watches Testimonee for over 20 years. His underwater photography and his own experiences of the complexity of marine ecosystems changed the way people perceive this delicately balanced world.

David Doubilet, a IWC Replica Watches Testimonee and renowned underwater topographer, is a IWC Replica Watches Award-winning photographer.

Doubilet, in collaboration with Dr Sylvia Earle recently documented the effects on the growth and spread of sargassum, the seaweed, of agricultural runoff, and a warming environment. The plant grew furiously until it covered the entire surface. Sargassum provides a breeding ground for fish, and spawning grounds. However,roger dubuis replica the wave of sargassum can choke beaches, as it drifts towards shores where turtles hatch.

Dr. Sylvia Earle. Photo by David Doubilet

Doubilet worked with National Geographic in a project titled "Hashtag": The Science, the Solutions and the Future of Coral. His photography showed the devastation and massive changes caused by a warming world on coral reefs. The same ocean warming epidemic is destroying coral reefs around the world. Reefs are home to 25% of marine life. "We're also doing a lot of geo-tagging images, so future generations can see the condition of the reefs in the past. But we want scientists to be able to compare and see the changes."