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A mentor-protégé partnership often involves a tangible product -- a building or film, or even a novel, play, or performance. Chipperfield and Kretz decided to focus on a more conceptual project, which focused on the "blue-sky" development of an English neighborhood, answering questions such as: How is a town made? Who is responsible for shaping it? Who determines its future? How democratic is the planning process? Swiss Replica Watches What can we do to improve the planning process?

The two architects focused on an actual and controversial London site -- the Bishopsgate Goodsyard, a former cargo depot at the border of the City of London with the East End. The two architects, along with Kretz’s students at the Department of Architecture ETH Zurich analyzed the complexities of forces that influence planning, economic, political, and social.

They studied the physical, regulatory, social, and cultural contexts over a period of a year, through discussion, drawing, and writing.

In their new book On Planning -- A Think Experiment, the authors write that "Planning can be understood as a generator of the city’s urban code...the script for itsdevelopment,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica Watches whilearchitecture focuses rather on the city’s form, both its physical and social manifestation."

On Planning Project

The Rolex Replica Pavilion at the Venice Biennale will display nine models by Kretz students that address the best use for space at the Bishopsgate Goodsyard.